PIX4Dmapper Essentials course and macOS

Hello. My name is Ronald and I am interested in taking the Pix4d essential course. I have Mac Book Air with Apple M1 processor and 8 GB. When I was looking at the minimum requirements it only refers to a Windows …

Before I invest in the course I would like to know if I have the enough power … is pix 4d compatible with a Mac Book?

No. I have a MBP M1 Max. The GPU is not recognised. It’s pointless to use Pix4D as they support only NVIDIA graphics card. If i were you, i would not jump in on Mac with M1 as its not supported chip by Pix4D.

Hi @fldrone.3dmodeling/Ronald , apologies for the late answer, we seem to have missed your post!
@rayavarapunani thanks for your help.

PIX4Dmapper Essentials online course mentions the following requirements:

If you still would like to try running PIX4Dmapper’s latest version on your Mac, please refer to these documents for more information on macOS and PIX4Dmapper compatibility: macOS / Windows XP / Linux / Remote access / Parallel processing.

Else, I suggest you look into PIX4Dmatic which is compatible with Windows and Mac. You can look into attending a PIX4Dmatic and PIX4Dsurvey Essentials workshop, if PIX4Dsurvey is also of interest to you. Else do not hesitate to book an hourly personal consultation with us so that we can take you through the main workflows with PIX4Dmatic.
To get started, you can check out our free tutorial videos.

I hope this information is helpful to you, cheers!

Hi Ms. Rhea:

I have used Matic and Survey. M1 Max GPU is not recognised either in Matic., so, it takes forever to process.Unless Matic and survey team adds support for M1 chips, it defeats the purpose of using them. Hope you can ask the dev team to add support for Radeon and Apple’s M1 chips.

Also, photogrammetry takes ton of processing power. I don’t think Notebook is the right device. I would always prefer workstation and advise Desktop all the time.


Hi Nani,

Thank you for your suggestion. I have passed it along to the developers.

Photogrammetry does indeed take a significant amount of processing power, as you said. Whether a notebook is sufficient or not will depend on the datasets being processed and the resources available, in particular time.

Dr. Ryan Hughes (He/Him)| Technical trainer and content creator​