Optimum Mac Specs for Pix4d Fields?

Can you please provide an updated spec sheet for Mac, with regard to the M1, M2 generation of chips rather than Intel? I am purchasing a new computer and would like to know minimum and recommended hardware requirements.

I tried Matic and Survey on my M1 Max. The only GPU that is supported by Pix4D software is Nvidia’s. It took forever to generate output as M1Max GPU is not recognised by the software. The battery drained in less than 4 hours. If you’re trying to do Photogrammetry, i would pick a desktop than a notebook all the time.

Hi PIX4Dfields runs very well on M1, M2 CPUs, it is faster then most windows setups even.

Asside from CPU you should aim for 16gb of RAM or more and a fast ssd harddrive.

Great thank you for the info.

Glad to know. Will install a trial and try it out. Thanks @Julius_Petri