MAC laptop power

Im running a MacBook pro with the M1 processor and 16g memory. Is that enough for PIX4D fields?


It will always depend on your dataset’s size, but I can confirm that your laptop suits most use cases.


I have been playing around with the free try-out version, and I have a project I have been trying on it. I have a couple of days left, but i wonder if there is a step-by-step instructions for setting up a project. After the first couple of steps I felt lost.

I am working the cranberry growers market. In most instances I can capture the entire bog from 400’ or under. If I am looking for multispectral images, do I need to do photo mapping or will the images from a MAVIC 3 Multispectral work as well from a fixed position?

Hi Fred!

We are glad you are testing our solution! Of course, we have several tutorial videos:

May I ask if you are flying a grid flight with the camera looking down (nadir)?