Mac Hardware

Hello, new to the platform and mapping hardware requirements. It looks like there is a MacOS version of Pix4D Fields…. So not interested in using cross-platform software to run a windows version of the software.

Has anyone had any luck with the newer MacBook Pro’s running the M2Pro or M2Max, or alternatively, using a Studio with an M1Ultra for post-processing in Pix4D Fields?

Hi Colin, yes that works.

You can download a trial version and test it out yourself.

Hi Julius,

Thanks for your reply. Asking more from the perspective of hardware I intend to purchase, not what I currently have. Trying to find the right fit for processing without over or under shooting the processing load of Pix4d

In general all those will work fine. PIX4Dfields benefits from CPU Cores, RAM (32GB+) and fast SSD Storage (1TB +). Those are the things you should look to optimize based on your budget