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Pix4d OK to use on windows on a Macbook??

I just signed up for a drone mapping workshop, and I’ve been told that a windows based PC is required to use Pix4d. I own a MacBook Pro who capability of running windows. Would that work? Anyone with experience with that. I can’t afford a new PC at the moment and I’m really hoping I can use my MacBook Pro for this.

Hi @giogarzantos!

We are happy to have you among us.

So, we do not support Mac OS anymore, but we do have a version that you can use.

Please go to our page and download Pix4Dmapper 3.0.18

More information in: Beta macOS version of Pix4Dmapper 3.0


Thank you. But what if I have an apple computer capable of running Windows 10? Would this work or would this be a better option?


Unfortunately, I can’t guarantee this solution is going to work as we have never tested it from our end.

However, I’m certain that other users tried it. So let’s wait for their opinion!