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Pix4DSurvey will be available for Windows and OSX and Pix4DMapper Pro available only for Windows? Why not also for OSX?

My question is easy to understand due to I’m an OSX user since 1984 and I’ve paid €650x3 years hoping in a new OSX version of Pix4Dmapper Pro never released.

Hi Antonio!

I replied to your ticket. However, I will repeat my answer so other users can see it.

Indeed, our new product Pix4Dsurvey is available also for Mac OS. You contributed to this matter. Thank you for your feedback.

Your suggestion on Pix4Dmapper and OSX also has rich documentation. None of the product feedback from our customers is omitted. We listen to you and gradually implement your ideas into our products. We ask you for your patience which we believe in the future will be rewarded.

Thank you for being our customer.


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