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Pix4DMapper crashing when Processing more than two job simultaneously.

I have a new beast of a computer

AMD Ryzen Thread Ripper 3960x 24 Core, 48 Thread CPU
Paired with
GeForce RTX 3090 GPU
With 128GB RAM
and a 4 TB SSD

Processing a few smaller jobs (300-500 photos each) something even my laptop can handle. Normally I can set up all the jobs and hit start and by morning all are processed.

With this computer I start 1 job no worries, start the second no worries, as soon as I hit start on the third they all crash… well it looks like they are running but after 30 mins still have not moved at all. could this be anything to do with the two 4k monitors I am using? (just saw another post)

I have up loaded the logs from the three jobs in question. but this has been happening for the last month or so with many different jobs. I have just had to do each one individually which is a pain in the bottom.

210430 Tunnel.log (1.2 MB) 210430 Crusher Site.log (974.4 KB) 210430 WDL RD.log (127 Bytes)

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Welcome to Pix4D Community!

Normally we do not recommend processing using several instances, but I can understand your workflow.
Your computer specifications looks good. If you think the two 4k monitors can be related, try to unplug one of these and retry your processing.
Then, let me know if the issue is still appearing.


in addition to my comment, I would like to invite you to visit this page Menu Process > Processing Options... > Resources and Notifications – Support

Here you can see how to modify the Maximum Resources Available for Processing when processing several projects of a given size at the same time. Scroll down to the Tip.


How is your processing doing? Are you still having the described issue?
We analyzed your .log files more in detail, and we saw that the GPU driver you are using is not the latest one. This can lead to issues in some circumstances.
Please let us know if updating the GPU driver is helping you.