pix4Dcatch files other than TIFF and JPG


Is it mandatory to have the auxiliary files (BIN, GLTF, JSON, CSV, NDJSON) resident in the folder together with the Image, Confidence and DepthMap files to aid proper computation ?
Or, will Matic come the the very same result using excusively the geotagged (RGB) JPG-images ?


Hi @tibor.vari,

To process PIX4Dcatch dataset using PIX4Dmatic, please follow the procedure described here:

You can use just the RGB .jpg images, but if you are using the depth and confidence .tiff files, the depth maps generated with PIX4Dcatch are used for better calibration. This will also allow to generate a Depth point cloud.


The other data (BIN, GLTF, JSON, CSV, NDJSON) is not necessary and PIX4Dmapper is not using for processing.

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