Pix4dCatch for Ios

Just wondering whats the point using pix4d catch on an Iphone if I cannot upload the p4d file. The best i could do is transfer to my PC, basically upload the raw photos to my icloud and download them. Might as well take photos with my iphone without the pix4d catch app. Seems like processing them would be the same.

What’s the point of using this app? Ive tried the ios instructions that pix4d provided, it doesn’t work.

I just want to supplement my rtk data/photos to make a better mesh.I usually take extra ground photos for better resolution/detail in my mesh.

We would also use this for vehicles/helmets etc… I thought using this app would work well for standalone objects, but all file data is not present when i download from my icloud account. Just raw pictures and a gps csv file that’s useless. I’m trying different products to scan objects, LEO scanner, spider. They don’t work well on car exteriors, I was hoping this worked but again, uploading the projects is impossible!!!

Hi bill.zollinger,

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PIX4Dcatch is an app used to capture data, it does not process it. The app leverages tools provided in the mobile phone/tablet to collect images, positioning, motion, orientation, and distance (from LiDAR capable devices) to optimize the collection of data for photogrammetric processing.

Projects can be uploaded to PIX4Dcloud for processing, or projects can be exported from the phone/tablet for processing in PIX4Dmatic, PIX4Dmapper, or any other photogrammetry processing software.

Might as well take photos with my iphone

Technically you could use any camera. You would want to maintain a healthy overlap between these terrestrial images for them to process. The PIX4Dcatch app automates the rate of capture to a specified overlap or distance/pose making this process easier.

all file data is not present when i download from my icloud account.

Depending on your selection/s you could receive less information exporting files from PIX4Dcloud. You will find the most data when selecting Export All Data from the device, as well as Export logs from the device. I would mention that the log files do contain all of the raw data collected from the capture, but are not intended for consumption outside of our troubleshooting.



To ease exporting difficulties, you can find more information on exporting projects in, How to export PIX4Dcatch projects (iOS/Android).

I hope this helps answer your questions, please let us know if there is anything we can clarify or if you have further questions on this topic.