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Downloading Directly From iPhone

Support articles say to use iTunes to download project files from Catch to use within Pix4D Mapper. I’m not able to get iTunes downloaded and was hoping to not have to export all files to a cloud service and then download from there.

Anyone have a workflow for getting project files from iOS onto a Windows machine to import into Mapper?


Pix4Dcatch does not support downloading of the files direct from the Pix4Dcatch app via iTunes (or any other app). If you have a Pix4Dmapper license, you can export to the Files app on the device, or other services that you can configure on the device such as dropbox. However, we have not fully tested all direct export options and are working on improving that in the future, some issues may still exist.
The iOS files app has similar export options, and can also transfer files to a connected USB storage device, which may be the simplest way to transfer files completely offline.

Hope that helps!


George Brown