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Catch crashes during export

I have a 3600 image project. I have tried to upload it to the cloud and tried exporting it to Box, but the app either crashes or I get different error messages. One error tells me I have no space left on the device. I was able to export a project today with around 1500 photos. Is there a certain amount of space I need on my phone to export the images?

Update. I think I discovered a huge problem with this app. It looks like each time I have tried to export the images, it may have created duplicates? As of now, my iPhone storage says the app takes up 129.67GB of memory on my phone, even though I only have one project with 3300 images on it. That would make each image around 40mb. However, since I was somehow able to upload around 300 images, and I can see that each one is actually around 1 mb. Can you let me know how to export these photos off of my phone?


The app does does use system caches for export, we would expect to use the size of the project again in order to prepare the files for export, these files should be cleaned automatically by the system, and should not create duplicates, even in the caches, so this does indeed seem like a serious error, 129 GB seems far in excess of what we would expect.

I don’t think there is a way to force iOS to clean the caches, but this should be cleaned over time, especially if your device runs low on disk space, but if you still have plenty of room, the system may decide it is unnecessary. Have you successfully exported projects before? Previous projects may still be in the cache, even if deleted from the app.

The current version should also use the cache less, but previous version did make more use of it.

We have also detected a problem exporting projects over 4GB in size, perhaps this is the root cause, this has been fixed in the next version which is expected to be released in the next week.

We will however investigate further.

Kind regards,

George Brown


We just released Pix4Dcatch 1.3.0 which uses a different implementation of zip, which should handle large project much better, could you try again with the latest version?


George Brown