PIX4DCatch huge tmp data can not be delated

PIX4DCatch shows in Storage wrong Size

As App and it is not big.(look screenshot)
but in Systemdata it takes over 20GB of storage
the projects which were interrupted during upload
can not be accessed anymore and even deleted

Is there any solution, so the developers can Integrate any User access to this data by userinterface in the iosApp so We can move the temporary files either to iPhone or cloud but out of systemdata where it is not accessible, deleting the App is not a solution, so I will loose all my projects catched or not uploaded yet

Hello mj.j,

Can you please open a ticket in Support? I will be able to help you there more efficiently.

You are correct, don’t delete app. Deleting the app will delete the projects.

When opening ticket, please:

  • Indicate device model/OS version/app version
  • Indicate the approximate number of projects missing

I can see that there were 4 projects processed on PIX4Dcloud. I am assuming these are still accessible in the projects folder on your device. If I understand correctly there are more projects that were captured but were interrupted during upload. Are these projects visible in the projects folder, but not accessible? If able, can you please describe more what happened?

I look forward to your response.