Upload Bug if Image_000001.jpg missing

Hello Pix4D Support Team,

today I deleted images from a scan because I made bad images at the beginning. When I tried to upload the scan I get a Error Code 260 (The File "Image_000001.jpg) couldn’t be opened…
Why is that the case?

Kind Regards,
Anton Schlei.

Hello Again,

I just wanted to say that this needs to be fixed, otherwise you are not allowing the user to delete bad images or at least not the first bad image.

Kind Regards,
Anton Schlei.

Hi @anschlei,

Which version of PIX4Dcatch are you using? Please provide the version number and tell me which OS you are using (iOS/Android).

Would it be possible for you to send us the logs?

Also, make sure you are using the latest version. I have just tried to remove the first image and upload the project and I didn’t get any problem.

Hi @anschlei
In an attempt to reproduce the issue, it seems that you followed this procedure:

  1. start to upload to PIX4Dcloud
  2. stopped the upload
  3. deleted one or more images
  4. resumed the upload

PIX4Dcatch is giving an error because with the step 1 it created a list of images to upload and when some images are deleted, the list is not update because it is already sent to PIX4Dcloud.
The team is working on a fix in order to avoid images deletion when the project is in “resume” status. Please delete unwanted images before starting the upload.

As a workaround, please follow this procedure:

  1. Go to cloud.pix4d.com using your browser on a desktop computer
  2. Find the partially uploaded project and delete it
  3. Restart PIX4Dcatch and upload it again

If you provide the project name or link, I can mark it as free of charge, and it won’t use your allowance.

Please let me know if this works.