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Export to DropBox crashes the app

I have tried exporting the data from Pix4D Catch to Dropbox, to then process on my pc, but this crashes the app.

I am able to get this to work by exporting to my iPad native files folder and then copying or moving to DropBox but this adds extra time and steps.


Sorry to hear that, just had a look and there does seem to be an issue, we’ll look into it.

Thanks for letting us know.

George Brown

Thank you

This is still an issue for me. Attempting to save directly to Dropbox either crashes the app or creates a folder with only a fraction of the images from the original.


Have you tried updating to the latest version, 1.2.1? We have made improvements to the export and now all the files are combined into a single zip file, this fixes a lot of issues we’ve been having with third party services in the share dialog.

Kind Regards,

George Brown


I want to export my project to an external hard drive connected to my iPad Pro v2. I do as described in your manual, but no zip file is stored to my drive. The screen say 0 objects when I choose location in Files.

I’m able to store the zip-file to OneDrive, but not Dropbox since the file is too big.

Anders Nygren

Hy @anders.nygren,

This is a known issue for us. The user is not able to export the images to the external flash drive. The only option is to upload it to the GoogleDrive, OneDrive, and so on or upload it to the cloud for processing.
We are working on the issue and will be fixed in the future release.