How to download the app and try it?

Is there any way to experience the trial version?

Hello @jeju.jocheon001,

You can visit the app store to download the Pix4Dcatch app Click here. I see you have already activated the Pix4Dcloud Advanced trial so, you can log in with your existing Pix4D account to capture and process the data.

Just for your information, Pix4Dcatch is a free application for capturing the data. However, you will need a valid Pix4Dcloud or Pix4Dmapper license to upload it to the Pix4Dcloud or extract the raw images from the app.


We have a permanent license of Pix4Dmapper. I can’t get the images to upload to the cloud. Dropbox doesn’t work. Files are too big for email. How do you get them off the phone?

Hello @uav3,

You will need a Pix4Dcloud license to upload the image to the cloud. However, you own a Pix4Dmapper desktop license, so you should be able to export the images and process using your desktop version of Pix4Dmapper. To export the images, I would recommend you to go through our support article on How to export Pix4Dcatch projects.
If you want to directly upload the images to the Pix4Dcloud, I would suggest you to purchase the Pix4Dcloud or Pix4Dcloud advanced license. For more information, visit our store HERE.


I’ve tried to download using the IXPand flash drive. I get only a portion of the files downloaded. Out of 144 pictures I get around 65. I don’t get the .csv, .json, .tmpl.

Hello @uav3,

The behavior you are describing can’t be replicated on our side and has not been reported to us so far. I would suggest you to follow the steps explained in our support article on How to export Pix4Dcatch projects to export the images. Also, make sure that there is no issue with the flash drive.

Can pix4dmapper work with the image of catch?

Hello @MAHESH_AHIRE1, You can export the images from the PIX4Dcatch app into PIX4Dmapper and process them. For more information, visit