PIX4Dcatch now requires license for export???

Suddenly PIX4Dcatch is not letting us export photos from the application without a license! This comes as a huge surprise after having great success with the application previously.

What license is needed? Support is not very helpful, and I cannot seem to find any reference to this change.

Any help is greatly welcome.

Hi @j.niles,

This is correct: a valid license (any Pix4D active/valid license) is needed to export projects.
If you have an account with a valid license in your company, you can connect with this account and export the data as usual.

Let me know if this works.


Hello @Daniele_Lecci,
You say we need a Valid Licence (any Pix4D active/valid license).
We have a PIX4Dmapper, Perpetual license with active Support & Upgrade - 1-year extension and now we can`t export the Data.

Is that a Bug ?

Hi @m.ahler,

This is probably a bug, yes.
Please tell me which version of PIX4Dcatch you are using, which OS version and platform (iOS/Android), and if you are correctly logged in using your email m*****r@h*******r.de.

Kind regards,

Hi, I also have this issue, we have perpetual licence of Pix4D Mapper but have same popup when trying to export on Android(12) APP(1.25.0)

Same issue. We have license, just not the cloud processing. No export options available.

Same issue, but not on all phones. We have 5 users all with iphone 13 and 2 of them can export, 3 cannot.

The 2 phones that work have version 1.27.0, The 3 that doesn`t work have version 1.28.0. Is it possible to download old versions of pix4dCatch to Iphone?

Seems to be a lot of confusion regarding the ability to export. Thank you for clarifying @m.ahler

At the risk of being negative, it’s a bit of a bait-and-switch to not inform a user that is testing Pix4DCatch that exporting is not an option until after they have collected the data.

We have not ruled out the application for our needs quite yet, but it’s looking like manual collection of photography will be the way to go in the future. It is just more reliable, in the long run.

same issue on android. it worked with version 1.24.1 but will not export with version 1.25.0.
have a perpetual 4dmapper license.

@Daniele_Lecci Is anything happening regarding this export issue? I just updated to version 1.28.1, but I still can`t export

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Hi all,

Please note that starting with PIX4Dcatch 1.28.0 (iOS) and 1.24.1 (Android), users must have a valid license for any Pix4D product to export projects.

What is a valid license?

  • Any active and running trial license
  • Any active and running monthly license
  • Any active and running yearly license
  • Any active and running 3-year license
  • Any perpetual license with an active and running Support and Upgrade (S&U) subscription

It does not matter if the license(s) are for a desktop or cloud product.

If you are still trialing the app and need more time to test and export the projects, just contact us and mention that you need another trial license to finish the testing.

Pix4d Catch used to allow the download of images without having a licence. Is there a way of accessing photos taken with my device (using the Pix4D Catch app) and downloading them and processing them externally without paying a monthly licence fee? I do not need to use the Cloud or Pix4D to process, I just want access to images I have taken.

Hi @andrew2013roberts,

Welcome to the Pix4D Community :handshake:.

Yes, you do not need specifically a PIX4Dcloud license to export.

Export is allowed for all PIX4Dmapper/PIX4Dmatic/PIX4Dcloud license holders. Valid licenses are the following:

  • Active and running trial license
  • Active and running monthly license
  • Active and running yearly license
  • Active and running 3-year license
  • A perpetual license with an active and running Support and Upgrade (S&U) subscription (available only for PIX4Dmapper and PIX4Dmatic)

You can find more information here:

Please let me know if this answers your question and if there is anything else I can do for you.