Pix4Dcloud Advanced Trial License getting no license is available message.

I have signed up for a trial license of Pix4DCloud and have downloaded the Pix4DCatch Application. I am signed into the same account but I am receiving an error that says no license is available. I was under the impression that either a Pix4DCloud license or Pix4DMapper license would work with the application. Am I wrong?

I’m encountering the same issue. Just signed up for a trial to evaluate this service, and the app reports no license is available. I verified through the web interface that I have a trial license running.


This is the know issue to us. The user having Pix4Dcloud Advacned trial are getting an error message saying no license available. This issue will be fixed on the next release and you will be able to upload the images.


Hi All,

The Pix4Dcatch 1.0.2 is now released. This version has fixed the issue related to the trial license not been detected. I would suggest you update the app to solve the problem.