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Trial licence

I got a trial licence but that one is not available when I login.

Hello, You have activated the PIX4Dmatic software. You can download the software using the below link and use it.

If you were looking to use other software, go to the below link and first go to the below link activate the trial, download it, and use the software.

Hi Kapil,

Thanks for your answer.

The problem is that the licence has been activated by mail, the Pix4DMatic software has been downloaded and running. However the software indicates the licence is not available (upleft coner)

Hello, I can see that the trial is activated on your account. Make sure you are using the correct account. To verify the account, you can click on the below link and see if you have the trial license in it. PIX4Dcloud
If the issue is still not resolved, can you send us the screenshots of the PIX4Dmatic dashboard and anything that is helpful?

Hello Kapil,

Thank you for your help.

When I click on the link you gave me, every thing is in order in the cloud website and the Maric licence is ok.
Please find hereafter the screenshot of the Pix4DMatic dashboard if that can help:

Thanks for the screenshot. Can you please use the below link to contact sales and they will help you?