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LIDAR sensor

I have downloaded the pix4d catch app on my Iphone for testing. From the YouTube commercial you have publlished it says that the app is optimised for ipad pro 2020 with LIDAR sensor, can you please explain what will be the difference using an iphone 11 vs an ipad pro 2020 with LIDAR.

I am going to test the app for scanning and making a 3D model of a timber truck to get a scalable picture of the truck.

My target is to se if it is possible to use the app for industrial purpose to measuring the load of loggs on a timber truck.

Eirik Haarr (CEO, Norsk Virkesmåling)

Hello Eirik,

Pix4Dcatch is optimized for the iPad Pro equipped with a LiDAR scanner, giving live feedback of the scan completion with augmented reality. This will help you to track the progress of the image acquisition and get a proper overlap/better model. For more information, I would recommend you to watch our Pix4Dcatch Introducing video HERE.