Lidar on Iphone - surveying of pre/post blast surfaces

The new Iphone LIDAR product can be bought, but I cannot easily find more information.
Currently we are using Drone to capture images of mined surfaces and then process using Pix4d.
this takes time to setup, fly, download, georeference…

the ‘Lidar on a phone that connects with the sire RTK station’ seems like an ideal solution, but, how well does it work?

  • What is the Range
  • What is the surface area
  • Does it auto upload, and georeference and process the surveyed area?
    … any info of experience from anyone… please?

Hi @Ignatius_Krogh ,

I would suggest that you first have a look at the Pix4Dcatch - FAQ page and at our online documentation if you are interested in using Pix4Dcatch with the viDoc RTK rover solution. Let us know if you have other questions!

Thank you Alice, I will have a look at the Catch references you sent, and if I have more questions I will reply here.
Keep well,

Hi Alice,
Unfortunatly in FAQ section of Pix4DCatch there is not any information about working range of the devices. I understand that is not issue of the software and related to particular capability of the hardware of the devices, but please share your knownlidge for some tested devices. So, the mani purpuses of the app is to open Pix4D products to terrestrial capturing of data, but I am sure that it is important for each potential user to know what is real working range of this very nice technology!

Another question is about using of Lidar or not! As I understand the main difference is that when use LIDAR capability of Apple products during data capturing it is improve the chance to get data without lakes, after that points from Lidar sensors are using in some way in processing by Pix4DCloud ONLY! How they are using in Pix4DCloud - as GCP, manual tie points or some other way? Actually Pix4Cloud not use Lidar points for post-processing of the images - is it correct? Why it is not possible to use these data in Pix4DMapper? What is the advantages to use Lidar data in comparison to post-processing images by adding GCP?

I understand that Pi4D company has interest to expand services rather than sale permanent licences of the software, but what about interests of all of us, who bought permanent license (since 2012 in my case) and now I have to pay for cloud services anywhy to use new functionality of additional products! It is not good for your long time customers!!!

Thank you in advance for sharing your experiance!

Best regards

Ivan Kaltchev, PhD

Hello Ivan,
As for the working range of the device:

  • For LiDAR, the range is up to 5 meters.
  • For photogrammetry, there is no predefined range, and the basic photogrammetry principles should be taken into account.

Regarding the processing of LiDAR data, I would suggest you to go through the reply of Amritha in the below thread.

What is the difference between cloud processing and processing by pix4d mapper? Also, can we use lidar data for measurement of volume of a quarry?

Hello Mahesh,
The PIX4Dcloud uses the LiDAR data if you upload the project directly from the PIX4Dcatch app to the Cloud. Whereas, PIX4Dmapper doesn’t use any LiDAR data while processing. For more information visit,
How does PIX4Dcatch utilize the LiDAR data during image capturing and while processing?
Does PIX4Dcatch app utilize the LiDAR data (depth data) obtained from the device for processing?

Does Matic use the lidar data

Hello @joejohnbennett, PIX4Dmatic uses LIDAR while processing. For more information on the processing of the PIX4Dcatch project visit the below support article,