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Is LiDAR data used during processing?

I noticed that the LiDAR data is used during capture to provide augmented reality feedback, but is it used in any way during processing in Pix4Dmapper?

It seems to export depth map data and several csv files but how is this used in Pix4Dmapper?

Hello @grant1701,

The LiDAR data is only used by the Pix4Dcatch app to provide augmented reality feedback for better image acquisition. The depth map or any other files is not used while processing in Pix4Dmapper.


Then I’m confused.

  1. Why include all the extra files in the exported data if the pics are the only data that is necessary?

  2. iOS doesn’t use the LiDAR data to track the device’s position, and if it’s not used by Pix4Dmapper, then why even use LiDAR at all?


Yes i see also that lidar is used only to position the photos. Only good thing is that maybe then final processed result ia in right scale.

But really @grant1701 dont know why Pix4D dont use lidar info for processing. This is good that lidar is on board but right now pix4d just dont use it in to final result. What is also in my mind very very bad and many info going waste.
Lidar only penefit is that give fast and accurate pointcloud, but right now pix4D process all results using only pictures.

There is only what can say, there is room to progress. And if Pix4D dont do this, then someone else do it! Simple:)

Very hope that @Kapil_Khanal there come soon good news!