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Processing Pix4D Catch Lidar Data and Images in Pix4D Matic

Hi everyone,
I would like to know the processing flow to process the data that I have taken with Pix4D Catch, using an iPad with lidar. I would also like to know if Pix4D matic uses lidar data, and if in that case my processed model is true to scale with the precision that lidar gives me.

Right now to use the lidar data and images, I only see the possibility of doing it in Pix4D Cloud, although I think it was recently published that Pix4D Matic was capable of doing it. In fact, I am trying to process only the images in Pix4D Matic, and if I compare the measurements of the point cloud processed with Matic and the point cloud processed with Pidx4D Cloud, they are quite similar although there is a slight error of 10cm with respect to the scale .

Thanks in advance,

Hi Joan,

Yes, Pix4Dmatic processes LiDAR data, and that precision is translated into the processed model. For more information, the article Depth and dense fusion can help illustrate some benefits.

Projects taken with LiDAR data sent from PIX4Dcatch to PIX4Dcloud use the same processing engine as PIX4Dmatic to obtain their results. The difference between the two is that PIX4Dcloud uses one standard set of options for processing, whereas, with PIX4Dmatic, you have a variety of options to choose from enabling customized solutions.

Are you able to share the dataset you used for comparison?

I hope this information helps,


Hi Jonathan!
thanks for your help. I tried to process with depth and dense fusion and now the measures are right :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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