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Does Pix4d plan to add support to process the data that DJI’s L1 Lidar package collects?


Is there any plan to add support for processing the data that DJI’s L1 Lidar package collects? Being able to produce results similar to how Pix4d Mapper/ Matic produces results? Currently I am not happy with the work flow of DJI Terra.

Examples – The ability to tie the Lidar data to GCP’s, an Error report with corrections to the data set, a DTM or DSM for topography based on the corrected Lidar data, the Classification of points, the ability to process Lidar data sets at the same time or alongside my photogrammetry data sets?


Hey @gvalentino,

My understanding from the LiDAR data from DJI is that most information (accuracy, etc…) is not easily accessible by third party developers. This means that processing the data directly in PIX4Dmatic would be tricky, as we do not have access to the raw data.

However, the classification of points and the creation of terrain models should be possible in PIX4Dsurvey. You could try it out:

We would be interested in understanding better how we can combine LiDAR and photogrammetry for the processing part. What exactly would you have in mind for processing the LiDAR alongside the photogrammetry? Would you want them to interact somehow, or is it simply about the possibility to create the LiDAR point cloud and then aligning it with the photogrammetry later on?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!