Confidence Image with the viDoc

In the export file via Pix4dCatch, I noticed that there were 3 types of images, iphone images (jpg), depth maps (tiff) and photos called “Confidence” (tiff). I noticed in Pix4dMatic that if we didn’t import them the calculation of the depth cloud was not possible. I see that the two types of images are linked for LiDAR data. What is the purpose of these “Confidence” pictures and what is their role?


Hi Adrien,

The Confidence.tiff and DepthMap.tiff files are generated from the LiDAR sensor, and are the files processed when creating the depth point cloud. The absence of these files would hinder its creation as you found. Image.jpg are the images.

The Confidence files indicate the amount of confidence for the corresponding the DepthMap file. It is my understanding that it is expressed in 0, 1, and 2. Pix4Dcatch will ignore files with the lowest confidence.

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