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Pix4dcapture won't upload mission

Good day,

I’ve been flying all week imaging pipeline with a Parrot Anafi Thermal and using the Android version of pix4dcapture. This morning I went out to the job site and could not get the mission to upload to the drone.

I have attempted these steps to fix the issue:
Restarted drone
Restarted app
Restarted phone
Checked version status of all apps and drone firmware
Switched drone and controller
Tried starting mission while drone is in the air
Changed location
Reinstalled both pix4dcapture and freeflight

Nothing works. The only thing that changed between yesterday and today is my phone updated. My phone is a Galaxy S9. Is this a known issue with this device or android? Is there a work around?

I have a deadline for this project and I’m dead in the water right now.

We have the same issue, everything is broken (again)

One of my other pilots headed out this morning to give it a try and no dice. The couldn’t get missions to upload either.

Okay, progress.

Reinstalling Freeflight 6 caused a prompt to update the controller and drone. Everything seems to be working currently.

I’ll post an update if that changes.