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Pix4D IOS 1.1.0 Won't Upload Mission to Phantom 3 Pro

 When I start a grid mission I get to the Drone takeoff checklist and I always have a red X by “Mission not uploaded to drone”.

The suggested fix is ensure the remote is on.  The remote is on and if it weren’t I’d have a lot of other problems.  Anyone else experiencing this and know how to fix it.





Hi Paul: 

Yep. I am having exactly the same issue. I read everything over the weekend. Upgraded everything, tried multiple times, and then ended up searching the forums where I found your post. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to bypass the Mission Not Uploaded to Drone error. 

Do we need to install something on the Phantom? Create a file structure for Pix4D capture on the memory card, something else? 

Mine uploaded and flew several missions in a remote location this weekend.  Now I’m back in the city and it won’t upload.  Not sure of the issue yet.

Same problem here with a P3 Professional and various Android devices.


Maybe the app upgraded to the new sdk and we need to update the Phantom?

I saw another post related to that issue, they’ve just provided a more complete answer:

Also I’m testing Pix4D Capture app on Android and iOS and I’ve been notified that they upgraded the two this week.

I hope the latest iOS doesn’t have the problem anymore… Will try soon!