Mission uploading to drone

hello to all, I own a phantom 3 Pro and I have a problem with the application x4 D Capture installed on the mini Ipad 2, version IOS 11.2.2 (15C202).
Loading the mission, the window “Drone take off checklist” and camera setting up and Mission uploading to drone remain loaded without ever becoming operational.
Has anyone had the same problem ???
Sometimes it advances but then an error window appears where an error 1003 has been invalidated
Thanks for the attention.

Hi Jacopo,

I would suggest checking the recommendations of this article for an optimal experience: Troubleshooting Pix4Dcapture

Sometimes the communication with the drone gets delayed or interrupted, which explains why the take-off checklist gets stuck with the warning to upload the mission to the drone. You just need to restart the mission as explained here: (Android, iOS) Why is the drone not starting the mission?