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I fired up the new Capture Pro app yesterday on our ipad mini, planned my mission, app was showing connection to our Matrice 210 & X4S camera, but when i tap the ‘start mission’ button nothing would happen. The app wasnt frozen, just wouldnt start. Any idea why?

still happening after the new version app update 1.0.3…cannot take off even tho the drone says connected! When i press ‘start mission’ in the lower right corner, nothing happens.

I still have not received any help on this from the support ticket i submitted. Maybe someone from Pix4D here can lend some thoughts…

Can you confirm any bugs with Capture Pro connecting to the Matrice 210 V1 or with ipad?

We continue to utilize your products and software and would like to use this Capture Pro version with our drone.

The original PIxCapture app works well with our setup, but we would like to take advantage of the new features and updates in the Pro app.

Hi @Ryan_Beisaw,

Thank you for your reply.

Can you please tell me if the drone is taking off when using the manufacturer’s app?

Please follow these basic checks and ensure that:

  • The latest version of PIX4Dcapture Pro is installed on the tablet.

  • The latest drone and controller firmware is installed.

  • The area to fly is not a no-fly zone.

  • The drone’s SD card is correctly formatted and has enough space to store images.

  • The drone manufacturer’s app is not running in the background. Force quit if necessary: How to force quit PIX4Dcapture Pro.

  • The correct drone is selected in the Dashboard.

If the PIX4Dcapture Pro app cannot connect to the drone, a takeoff checklist item fails, or something went wrong during the mission:

  • Force quit PIX4Dcapture Pro and reopen it: How to force quit PIX4Dcapture Pro.

  • Restart your flight from scratch. To do so, close and force quit the app, disconnect the cable from the iPad or tablet, and turn off the remote controller and the drone. Then switch on the drone and the controller, reconnect the USB cable, and open PIX4Dcapture Pro.

  • If possible, try another iOS or Android device.

  • If possible, try another drone.

  • Try another USB cable.

What do you mean here? Are you getting an error message?

Additionally, before starting, make sure you follow all the necessary check from this list:

Yes, the drone performs as it should with the manufacturers app as well as Pix4DCapture. Each of those items in the list were not an issue.

Can you confirm that the DJI Matrice 210 v1 can be used with the CapturePro app? I can select it in the dashboard but have been told it’s not compatible……

Ryan B

Hi @Ryan_Beisaw,

I confirm that DJI Matrice 210 can be used with PIX4Dcapture Pro app. There was a misunderstanding because no “V1” version exists.

Please confirm that you followed all the pre flight checks as per my message above.


What do you mean here? Are you getting an error message or simply the tap of the button is doing nothing?

Ok, I will double check the preflight checks tomorrow when I get back to the office and see if there are any new updates to the CapturePro app.

I will let you know the results.

Ryan B

BTW, everything is working now as it should with the M210. It was either one of the many app updates or killing the DJI app in the background that made it work.

Ryan B