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Using iPad; No Longer able to Connect to Drone via Capture

Our team is utilizing Pix4D Capture on an iPad mini 4. Recently, we have had issues connecting to our DJI Matrice 210. We can successful connect the Matrice to DJI GO 4 and fly. After verifying connection with DJI GO 4, and switch to Pix4D; nothing. The screen to "choose " drone comes up and we cannot connect. When we switch to a personal iPhone, WE ARE ABLE TO CONNECT using Pix4D capture. We’ve gone through the “Drone Connection Issues” suggestion within the documention portion located here:

Any direction would be greatly appreciated as we’re not sure if it’s hardware, software, network or a simple fix.

Eric V.


The behavior you are describing can’t be replicated on our side and has not been reported to us so far. I would suggest you go through all the basic checks and troubleshooting steps as it will solve most of the issues that can be encountered if properly followed.