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Can't flight with Phantom 4


My drone can not flight with pix4dcapture. Can not upload my mission and camera is not ready. My camera and mission just wait. I try to update firmeware from DjiGo4 with my IOS and I’ve tried many ways but still can not flight.

What should i do? and what is your recommendation how to handle this?




Could you first confirm you have installed the latest apps, iOS Pix4Dcapture 2.1.0 (last release 30.06.2017)?
Also make sure the latest DJI GO 4 app is installed on the device and that the drone flies with the latest firmware.

Have you checked if the drone connection is fine in DJI GO 4 before opening Pix4Dcapture?
Do you make sure DJI GO 4 is not running in the background (force stop) when Pix4Dcapture is being used?

The mission can take some time to upload to the drone and the camera to get ready.
For more information: 217985263.