PIX4Dcapture is now working on Android 12 with the beta version of Ctrl+DJI (1.9.10)

Hello PIX4Dcapture users,


The latest version of Ctrl+DJI (1.9.9) available on the Google Play Store is not compatible with devices running the Android 12 operating system.


  1. Install the Ctrl+DJI 1.9.10 beta version. Downloadable Link

  2. Use the drone flight app PIX4Dscan which is now accessible for all Pix4D license holders, including trial licenses. For more information about supported drones and cameras visit: PIX4Dscan supported drones, cameras, and controllers
    Download PIX4Dscan for Android: PIX4Dscan on Google Play


plss help there is no mavic air2s in pix4dcapture… how to solve that i need to mapping