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[Pix4Dcapture iOS] project exported to [Pix4Dmapper Pro windows 10]

 Dear supprt team,

I’ve designed a project using the capture in my iPhone, and I wanted to export it so it can be opened in the Pix4Dmapper in my laptop (windows).

I get this message when the mapper opens up:

“cannot open project (filename.p4d). Cannot convert the project file to the latest format.”

capture iOS version 2.5.0 (16)

Mapper Pro version 4.0.25

Hi Isaak,

It could be that the .p4d file was not correctly generated so it cannot be open.

However, downloading the images from the drone to the device (and generated the Pix4D project file, .p4d) is not required to process locally on a computer. Processing with or without the .p4d file does not make a difference in terms of results with Pix4D Desktop (more info).

It is always possible to process from scratch and create a new Pix4D project on your computer by importing the images saved on the drone. Click this link to learn how to proceed.

Hi Julie,

The project was only designed and not yet executed.

What I want is to be able to watch my planned project on the Pix4Dmapper Pro.

What I did is to choose the particular project, and the pressed the share botton (sea attached figure),

then emailed it to receive two files (.p4d and .pix4dcapture-mission)


Unfortunately, this is not possible.
The sharing option is about sharing the mission data for processing purposes. It means you can transfer the images that you captured plus a project file (.p4d) that you can directly open with Pix4D desktop to start processing.

This option is not meant to share the flight plan.
However, I am interested to better understand your needs. Could you perhaps explain why you would need to visualize the flight plan on a computer screen after designing the mission on the mobile device?

Hi july,
My aim is to plan gcp points locations in advance.

So I believe web planning could be a good option. You can design the flight on a computer, prepare where you will put the GCPs and then upload the flight plan to Pix4Dcapture to fly.

I have reported your suggestion to our developers. Thank you for sharing!