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iOS Transfer/Share Pix4DCapture missions between mobile devices

I have figured out how to share a mission w/a colleague, but can’t figure out to to get the .p4d file I downloaded into Files on my iPad into Pix4D capture.


It looks like this question has been asked before, but the link is not working.–iOS-How-to-transfer-the-mission-p4d-file-directly-from-the-Pix4Dcapture


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hello Pat,

Pix4Dcapture enables to share the .p4d from the mobile device by email.
To share the project file (.p4d) from the device via email without connecting to a computer:

  1. Open the app.
  2. In the Home screen, tap Mission Manager.
  3. Select the mission corresponding to the .p4d file to be transferred.
  4. On the toolbar of the Mission screen, tap the icon left to the information one to send the .p4d file by email.

Best regards,

Hello Gael,

I don’t think you have answered Pat’s question. I think Pat is asking how to get a .p4d or mission INTO Pix4Dcapture. Is this possible and if so what are your instructions using iOS?

Thank you in advance.