Pix4D to DWG or DXF File

Hi team

A customer asked me to generate a .dwg or .dxf File from a castle in Switzerland which contains the following:

  • Simplified structure of castle
  • Simplified terrain model (accuracy 2meters) of 250 meter radius around the castle
  • Simplified structure of houses around the castle.

Example file:


So I wonder, what is the simplest way to do that? 

About the castle and the buildings:

I thought of creating polylines or surfaces of the buildings and then export them to .dxf but this is very time consuming.



I thought to create a DTM (Merged GeoTiff) and then somehow convert that into a .dwg or .dxf.
How can this be done?

Is there an easier way to achieve this?


Thank you very much.
Martin Hämmerli


Thank you,

Hey Martin!

I have the same question as you.


Have you gotten any farther with this?



Hey Martin, hey Tim, 

Regarding your first point, you are referring to digitization, is that correct?

At that moment we would also agree with you that adding surface objects and polylines and exporting them, would be the simplest way for a rough model. Indeed this idea is interesting and thank you for your feedback! We will pass your query as a suggestion to the product management team so they can study it and see for future releases.

Currently, we export the DTM in GeoTIFF format, however, you can use a third party software that will convert the .tiff file to .dxf. To basically convert the raster file to vector. It seems that there are several tools online to do so. 

We will pass this suggestion as well to the product management team. 


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Hi all

There seems to be no easy way of doing it.

This is the process that worked for me.

  • Render project and create an orthomosaic using Pix4D
  • Import the orthomosaic into SketchUP
  • Create foundation of buildings in SketchUP based on orthomosaic
  • Measure all relevant heights of buildings and roofs within Pix4D
  • Build houses and roofs based on these measurements
  • Render 3D Textured Mesh as .dxf with Pix4D
  • Import Textured Mesh into current SketchUP project
  • Position building within mesh in SketchUP
  • Manually merge Textured Mesh with Buildings using SketchUP
  • Export final project
  • Print project via 3D printer

Result of Swiss Kyburg in Winterthur can be seen here:


Best Regards,



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Hi, Im having the same problem. I am needing to have the cloud point in .dwg format. It is posible export from pix4d the point cloud in .dwg? 

If it is not posible to export the point cloud in dwg. direcly from pix4d, i will need to get a converter software from .las to .dwg… But I need to be sure that the convertion was good. Cuold you proveed to me with this Soft? 

Autodesk products directly import point clouds without extra software. They often reduce quality unless using Leica JetStream so it depends on the level of detail needed.