Export to ifc file

Hi. Is it possible to export the 3d model to ifc files to make them possible to input in an existing 3d model?

 Hi Christopher, 

Currently, we do not export this format. You can find here a list of all output file formats for the point cloud:

Point Cloud outputs

and the Mesh:

3D Texture Mesh outputs

Thank you for the suggestion. I will pass it to our Product Development Team.

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IFC format would be great to import to many 3rd party software suites

Hi Alexis,

thank you for the suggestion, I have added your vote for this feature.


Hi Christopher and Alexis, 

For what software would you need an .ifc file? What type of file (e.g. 3D textured mesh, point cloud,…) would you like to get in this format? And for what type of work do you need this? 

An example workflow you have would help in this regard. Thank you!

Have a similar request from a potential customer. They use Revit for their 3D models of new building designs. They are requesting scans of the topography around the site so they can import their building design on the actual building site using an IFC file. I know this discussion thread is relatively old, has their been any progress on this?

Hi Jacob,

At the moment, this file type is not part of the Pix4Dmapper export formats. Have you searched for any conversion tools to export the files as IFC?



Thank you for the response.

No I have not gotten that far yet. Would you be so kind as to point me in the right direction as to what conversion tools are out there? It would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Jacob,

Unfortunately, I cannot point you to a proper conversion tool. Maybe other users who are more knowledgeable can help out.

Good luck!




I wanted to provide an update. Found a software called CAD Exchanger. It allowed me to convert from DXF to IFC format. However, the customer was still unable to open the mesh in their platform (Revit by Autodesk). The DXF files I am also generating from Pix4D mapper and QGIS will not display values of contour lines in AutoCAD on their end. They have to have values associated with the contours in order to determine grade of the sites. Any input or help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @jhogan,

We also replied to your second post on this topic: File conversion DXF to IFC for use in Revit

I’d be happy if other users join the conversation!