From Pix4dMapper to BricsCAD


We are using pix4d mapper for drone flights to make 3d measurements of the environment.
Later we import the point clouds into BricsCAD (our drawing software).
To the background in BricsCAD we put the rendered image as 2d raster File.

We would like to know now:
1/ if there is any possibilty to import colored points into BricsCad (as they appear in Pix4dMapper).
2/ how to import a colored 3d-file (like a 3D Object) from Pix4dMapper into BricsCad.

Thanks for your helpful answers!

So long,
Anton Hager

Hi Anton1,
All of outputs can be imported into 3rd party software. That is what it is designed to do. Unfortunately I am not familiar with BricsCAD. The article below describes the different file formats that PIX4Dmapper will export for the 3D textured mesh. I would check with BricsCAD to see what it supports. The same goes for the point cloud.