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Photo-geometry to Revit


I want to use a drone to 3D map an area using photo-geometry (not pointcloud). Then export this model to Revit so I can use it in a VR program.

What programs from Pix4D do I need?

I understand Pix4D can export mesh draped with the images, what format is this, and does this format shows colours as well in Revit?

Hello Nils, 

You can use Pix4D software to produce the 3D Textured Mesh, this is fully supported. The 3D Textured Mesh can be exported in many different file formats, such as  .ply, .fbx, .obj etc… Check this article for more information about the settings and the outputs: 208194103.

In this article (202558499), you will find information about output files as well as the software with which they are compatible and we have tested it.

I am not familiar with Revit, but I checked on the internet and it seems that you can import .obj files, however it seems that the texture is not taken into account.

Hope this helps.