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File conversion DXF to IFC for use in Revit


I have already responded to a similar thread on here, but figured I would start a new topic of discussion.

I have a potential client in the design build arena. They use AutoDesk software suites in the design, civil engineering, and modeling of their projects. They wanted to know if I could scan potential building sites, and provide 3D meshes of the site in a IFC format to use in Revit. I used CAD exchanger to convert Pix4D mapper files into IFC, and met with client to see if files would open. All files said “incomplete file” and failed to open? Is there another option for an exchanger that works? Is anyone on here well versed in getting files from Pix4D to work in Revit and Autocad?

Any help, or advice would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to hearing back from this awesome community!


Hi @jhogan,

My advice would be to contact the Support of CAD Exchanger to check with them why the output is not working as expected. We could only help if the transformation did not work in Pix4Dmapper. However, as it’s a community post, let’s wait for other users and their opinion. Maybe, somebody has some insights into this problem.


Will do. I am currently using a trial version of their software. Hope others join in on the topic and I can get some answers here.

Thanks for the update and the help so far.