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DXF export error

Hi all,

In my experience, from version 3 onwards, the program exports dxf not readable by autocad.

The issue will be resolved?

Thanks and sorry for my English.

Hello Sergio,

We have experienced some issues while importing in AutoCAD .dxf files. However, you can import the .dxf file in QGIS, this is fully supported or you can export the .shp file which can be used in AutoCAD as well. 

Best Regards, 


Thanks, but right now I prefer to stay to version 2.

Do you think that the problem will be solved in the future?


Thank you

Hello Sergio,

Our developers are working on improving this feature and in the next stable release this problem will be fixed.

Best Regards, 


I’m glad to hear that, thank you very much.




in version 3.1 out now, this problem has been solved?

Thanks and regards.

Hello Sergio,

In the latest version 3.1.18 this problem is solved. You can download it here: 

Best Regards,