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Cannot import in Autocad

Hello the community,

I’ve recently deliver DXF for a client (DTM DSM Mesh) . He told me that he cannot import them in Autocad to create the contour lines and that my files are worthless.

I don’t know how to verify myself as I don’t have Autocad. I’ve done such project already and it has always worked. Could someone help me and tell me if my files are “corrupt” or broken. In short if what he’s saying is correct…

Here are the link. Thank you for your help!



Seems to work fine although I’m using Progecad but it should’t matter

 3D mesh doesn’t show anything just black screen

Ok great. Thank you for trying. 

Does it mean my client can have and process all the DSM and DTM? My client needs the DSM and DTM for an architecture project and he wants to have the elevation to import a project on it…according to you, he should be able to do that, am I right?

Any idea why the mesh doesn’t show anything?