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Importing Textured Mesh files into Autodesk Package


Im having difficulty importing textured mesh outputs into Autocad etc.

I can successfully do so into Cloudcompare software with no problems, cloud compare can also export into same formats as Pix4D.

I know this is covered in the FAQ section of the website, i have tried some of these options with no luck. The best I can do is import the ‘triangle mesh’ which contains no texture and is really no use to me (as something that looks presentable)

I can import the coloured point cloud with no problems.

Is there any tried and tested method of achieving this?





I followed the instructions of the webinar from that point:
It worked for me. You will have to add the texture on the top of the mesh.

I used the FBX format for the mesh but you can try the DXF format…

The mesh (FBX) and the texture (JPG) files should be at the same location when AutoCAD reads them.


Hope this helps a bit if it’s not too late :slight_smile: