Problem when exporting to DXF with version 3.0.13 and 3.1.5 Pix4Dmapper

Can you help me? With the new version 3.0.13 and 3.1.5 Pix4D I have problems exporting polylines to DXF format, the exported file has errors. When I try to open it with AutoCAD “read error, invalid or incomplete DXF input” appears. This did not happen with previous versions.

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Omar I also had the same problem. I saved the polyline as shp file and it worked.



Thanks John. I could continue working. I hope that our friends support help us clarify or resolve the problem. 

This is a big problem for me also; i hope they resolve this in a short time.

(sorry for my english…)

This was covered in the technical release notes for version 3.1.7

From the document-


Known issues

  • Volumes

    • Volumes exported in DXF format cannot be imported in AutoCAD.
  1. Drag and drop the .dxf file in QGIS.
  2. Right click in the layer and select Save As…
  3. Make sure the format is AutoCAD DXF and save the document in the desired location.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Open this new .dxf file in AutoCAD."


Link here -