Can't pull up my exported .dxf

every time I try to open my exported dxf file in autocad I get an error message in the command line.   It says "DXF read error on line 2457.  This just started happening.  Any thoughts?  Thanks

Hello Wade,

Thank you for reporting this issue.

Our dedicated developers are working on fixing this issue. In the next version this issue will be solved. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Alternatively, you can export the .shp file or you can use the .dxf in QGIS for example. This is fully supported. 

Best Regards, 

Thank you!  So the .shp file can be imported into CAD?

If anybody is in a real jam this could help… DXF is an ascii format file. You can open them with a text editor. This is old-school, but if a program terminated early it could sometimes leave a mess in the dxf file and you could either truncate the file there, or delete the problem element.

Have no idea if that helps anyone, but maybe good to know.

The .shp file that the support team mentioned is another great way to pull into CAD.  I figured out how to do it yesterday, and may start using this way instead of the .dxf file.  You just type command “mapimport” , and choose your file and hit ok on the next dialog box.