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dxf & project loading issues with 3.0.13

Upgraded Pix4D to 3.0.13 yesterday, and converted a project from the old format to new.  (Inadvertently called it “old_version”). I edited the point cloud, and Processed the final step 3 to generate contours, mosaic image, and project boundary line that i drew.

Opened it up this morning and the contours generated and i can open them.  The boundary .dxf won’t open, and gives me the message in AutoCAD 2014:

“DXF read error on line 2135.
Invalid or incomplete DXF input – drawing discarded.”

When i try to open the pix4d model to go re-create the features, i get the following error message.

[Info]: XSD Validation - description: \<html xmlns=''\>\<body\>\<p\>Content of element \<span class='XQuery-keyword'\>indexDownsamplingMethod\</span\> does not match its type definition: String content is not listed in the enumeration facet..\</p\>\</body\>\</html\>

[Info]: type: 3

[Info]: location: file:///D:/pix4dmapper/charlottesville\_10-06-16/cville\_old\_version.p4d line: 166 column: 28

[Error]: XML file validation failed with XSD: C:/Program Files/Pix4Dmapper/resources/xsd/9/pix4d.xsd

[Error]: Error e0400b: Cannot open project D:\pix4dmapper\charlottesville\_10-06-16\cville\_old\_version.p4d. Invalid format.


Probably going to try and revert back a version and hoipefully i don’t lose the work!


Any ideas?



Hi John,

It seems like my colleague Marili is in contact with you via email.
She took care of your request and will update you directly if need be.


was this resolved? I am having the same issue with a project.

Hello Patrick,

Indeed there is a problem with the .dxf files when imported in AutoCAD. 
However, you can use the .shp files in AutoCAD that you can also use for your project with the version 3.0.17. You can also use the .dxf files in QGIS, this is fully supported. 

Our developers are working on fixing this issue, that will be resolved in the new stable release. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Best Regards,