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Exporting DTM tiff file to Civil 3D

Hello to all,

Whenever exporting DTM in tiff format to Civil3D, it takes too long to convert it to surface! For large area it will be impossible; any solution to this problem please?

Hi @akoeng79, the easiest way to get the DTM into CAD software is to use the Pix4Dsurvey.

It can classify point clouds into terrain and non-terrain classes and generate a representation of the ground surface by only using the terrain points. The workflow is the following:

  • Terrain filter to classify selected input point clouds into terrain and non-terrain points.
  • Grid of points to automate the creation of spot elevations. Using the Smart type creates points only where changes in terrain occur.
  • TIN is a seamless set of triangles that represent a surface. When using only terrain points the generated surface is a DTM .

The TIN can be exported as a surface in LandXML file format which is fully compatible with CAD software.


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Thank you Blaz!

Does Pix4dSurvey produce ortho mosaic? We need both the ortho photo and the DTM.

Pix4Dsurvey does not generate an orthophoto. You can generate it in Pix4Dmatic or Pix4Dmapper.