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Create a DTM in Pix4Dmatic

How can I obtain DTM using DSM generate by PIX4D MATIC


At the moment, Pix4Dmatic produces a DSM and an orthomosaic. Extracting a DTM is not directly possible in Pix4Dmatic but you can use Pix4Dsurvey in order to extract only the ground points.

To give you some more insights, the point cloud that is generated in Pix4Dmatic can be exported into Pix4Dsurvey. Pix4Dsurvey has a Terrain filter function that allows users to filter points to get only terrain and non-terrain points . This way you will get points that represent the DTM.

Additionally, Pix4Dsurvey has a Grid of points tool that helps to automate the creation of spot elevations and allow drastic simplification of the number of point cloud points.

I hope this helps and let us now if you have any other questions.