point cloud and DTM

Hello, is it possible to process a point cloud with pix4Dmattic and import it into Pix4dmapper to be able to make a DTM? the option to do it with Pix4dSurvey is not good.

That will work in Pix4D Survey. DTM is not possible in Matic, only DSM is generated.

Regarding input, Matic will accept images as input. Check the below link.

hi @hola1 can you please elaborate on why it doesn’t work for you with PIX4Dsurvey? This will help to understand what kind of solutions we can provide. Thanks

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Hola! El DTm que proporciona Survey és una malla de triangles, no és un DTM acurat… per fer estudis de precissió amb el DTM no funciona bé…

Hi @hola1,

You can import an external point cloud into PIX4Dmapper for processing using this procedure:

However, you can make the result in PIX4Dsurvey more “dense” by decreasing the Grid Spacing for the Grid of points.