Importing external point cloud to PIX4D Matic

Good evening, is it possible to import an external point cloud to PIX4Dmatic in order to generate a DSM?

Hi @jm.valladares21 ,

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You can refer to this article to see all the input options when using PIX4Dmatic. Right now, it is not possible to import an external point cloud and generate a DSM in PIX4Dmatic.

Inputs - PIX4Dmatic

Rosana (she/her)

Hi @jm.valladares21

Rosana is right in that we don’t support this right now. That said, we’re working towards making this work in the future.

Do you have an example when you would need this ? This will help understand the context of your request and give arguments to making this happen sooner.

Thank you.

Hi, @Pierangelo_Rothenbuhler

I have a photogrammetry project and used Pix4D Matic to generate the point cloud. As I needed a DTM, I used Pix4D Survey to classify the point cloud as terrain and not terrain and it worked fine. Now, I know I can make TIN surfaces and contours in Pix4D Survey but I need the DTM (or in this case the DSM of the terrain classification) but as far as I know it is not possible in Survey.

Hi jm.valladares21,

If you are looking for a DTM, can export the TIN as a DTM. This will give you a terrain layer that is a raster surface.