LiDAR for DSM generation


Is it possible to import a LiDAR point cloud derived from a third party source to build a DSM and subsequently use for orthorectification during orthomosaic processing - as is possible in Pix4Dmapper?


Hi @Jason_Hagon

For the moment this is not possible in PIX4Dmatic.

Could you please give some examples of when you would use this? e.g. what type of use case, what type of sensors you would combine and what the main advantages are?

Thanks for your insights! This will help to understand the context


Hi @Pierangelo_Rothenbuhler,

Ok that’s a shame. Really it would be for the same reasons as this feature is implemented in Pix4Dmapper. Using the LiDAR cloud from a UAV to create a DSM has improved and cleaner geometry, which is nice to use for ortho rectification of the images, particularly in vegetated areas where photogrammetry struggles to obtain good geometry.

This is a feature lots of competitors have implemented - context capture, correlator 3D etc.

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