Civil 3D import TIFF

Exports of DSM are in .TIFF
I’m unable import them as DEM file in a Surface of Civil 3D.

Plz help

Hi @Levi_Kooman

Thank you for your question!

I am not familiar with Civil 3D, but I will do my best to provide some information that I know of.

If you were importing the DSM created by PIX4Dmatic, a couple of reasons that you were unable to do it include:

  1. The DSM in .TIFF file type was too big
  2. The coordinate system in Civil 3D was not set to the same as the georeference DSM.

I found this video that explained how to import high-resolution .tiff files to Civil 3D. If the DSM size is too big, it needs to be downsized. One way is to use GeoViewer. The video also shows how to set the correct coordinate system in Civil 3D for the imported DSM to display properly.

Insert High Resolution TIFF Image in to Civil 3D

I hope this helps. If anyone is more familiar with Civil 3D’s input, feel free to share more information about it!

Rosana (she/her)


Thanks for you’re tips!

Inserting isn’t the problem!

It’s importing it as a DEM file for the base of a Tin surface to work with in Civil 3d!

In my past workflow’s with Pix 4D mapper it worked but now it’s a mess…

Tried simplifying tot 20cm/pix stil civil is chrasing.

What i will look into is georeference!

In pix 4D mapper i had a option to export to a xyz file, that would be great!


The problem i face migth have to do with georefancingl
Since civil doesn’t display any info on the tiff file.

se screenschot below


Would create a TIN surface (.xml (LandXML) in PIX4Dsurvey would do the trick?
Reference information: Outputs - PIX4Dsurvey

As for the .xyz file, for not it is not available. You may share this in PIX4Dmatic feature request page and state the reason why you would like to see this feature in the future. We would love to know if more users would like to have this. Make sure to also vote on the feature request post if you do post one. :slight_smile:

Best regards,
Rosana (she/her)